Sunday Services

2nd August 2020 (The Journey Of Life)                           4th October 2020 (Every Good Gift is from God)

- Interviews with Mel & Sarah                                            - Sunflower Harvest Service, by Mervyn & Kathryn

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9th August 2020 (The Written Word)                              11th October 2020 (Welcome)

- Interviews with Richard, Emma & Rachel                      - By Guest Speaker James Gregory


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16th August 2020 (God of Beauty)                                  18th October 2020 (Living in the Peace of God)

- Interviews with Jane Parker & Adam                              - By Mervyn Bedford

            YouTube                                                                              YouTube

23rd August 2020 (Spirit of Creativity)

- By Angela Guntrip


30th August 2020 (Thirsting For God)

- Interview with Jane Gorry


6th September 2020 (Noah - What a Man!)

 - By Emma & Dave


13th September 2020 (New Levels?)

- By Mervyn Bedford


20th September 2020 (Well Watered & Overflowing)

- By Kathryn Bedford


27th September 2020 (God's Gifts)

- By Phil and Sallyann Clark