Young People

aged 11-16 years

Young people aged 11-16 meet together on a Monday night to enjoy a relaxed meal together, play games, explore the bible and pray. There is opportunity to share with the leaders and pray into specific situations and concerns the young people may have in ways that are relevant and culture current.


aged 16 -20's years

The older Ignite group meets on a Friday night from 6 - 8pm for a meal, bible study, discussion and prayer.


Social activities

Our young people are an outgoing relaxed group who love to meet new people. A friendship based group who hang out a lot, hiking and swimming in The Lakes, play games together and up for everything!   

Youth Band

Our youth band practise weekly and play in the  monthly Sunday All Age Worship Service.

Youth Worship Night - 1st Sunday of the month.


Bradley Ralph, Church Intern, working with the young people aged 16 - 20's.

My personal hope is to create a group that is fun, relaxed, accepting and non-judgmental, where we build relationships and grow our faith with each other. I want to help the personal spiritual development of each individual, to help them know where their heart is, become mature and strong in their faith, and be discipled! I want to help create a solid group of young people who are on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ and feel equipped to be leaders in his name.