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Sunday Service Recordings

17th September 2023 with Mark Callaghan - Caring for the Outcast

10th September 2023 with Angela Guntrip - The Wonderful Numberer

27th August 2023  All-age Family Service with Mervyn Bedford  -   Equipped!


20th August 2023 with Matt Parker -  God looks deeper!

13th August 2023 with Angela Guntrip - 

6th August 2023 with Allen Legate - Moses The Leader

30th July 2023 with Mervyn Bedford - Trusting God for Destiny

23rd July 2023 - All age Family Service with Angela Guntrip - God can be Trusted!

16th July 2023 with Bradley Ralph - Trusting God in the Wilderness

9th July 2023 With Kathryn Bedford - Trusting God when it looks Scary

2nd July 2023 with Mervyn Bedford - Trusting God in the Waiting

26th June 2023 with Angela Guntrip - Trusting God's Rules/Structures

18th June - All age Family service - Father's Day with Bradley Ralph

11th June 2023 with Kathryn Bedford - Trusting God in the Battles

4th June 2023 with Mervyn Bedford - Trusting God for His Provision 

28th May 2023 with Kathryn Bedford - Trusting God for His Presence

21st May 2023 with Angela Guntrip - Trusting God for Direction

14th May 2023 with Kathryn Bedford - Trusting God for Freedom

7th May 2023 All Age Coronation Service with Mervyn Bedford

30th April 2023 with Mark Callaghan - Following Jesus in a Digital Age

23rd April 2023 With Mervyn Bedford - Following Jesus in our Relationships

16th April 2023 with Helen Wallace - The Emmaus Road

Easter Sunday 9th April 2023 All age Family Service - with Mervyn Bedford  

Palm Sunday 2nd April 2023 with Chris Lane

5th March 2023 with Kathryn Bedford - Fan or Follower of Jesus

5th February 2023 with Mervyn Bedford - Flesh v Spirit

On-line services recorded during lock down

5th September 2021 by Mervyn Bedford

12th September 2021 by Angela Guntrip

19th September 2021 by Kathryn Bedford

26th September 2021 by Mark Callaghan

3rd October 2021 by Mervyn Bedford

10th October 2021 by Mervyn Bedford

17th October 2021 by Angela Guntrip

24th October 2021 by Kathryn Bedford

31st October 2021 by Grace Parker & Rachel Wyatt

7th November 2021 by James Tyson

14th November 2021 by Angela Guntrip

21st November 2021 by Kathryn Bedford

28th November 2021 by Mervyn Bedford

5th December 2021 by Angela Guntrip

12th December 2021 by Kathryn Bedford

19th December 2021 Christmas Carol Service

25th December 2021 Christmas Day Service

9th January 2022 by Mervyn Bedford

16th January 2022 by Angela Guntrip


23rd January 2022 by Mervyn Bedford & Bradley Ralph

30th January 2022 by Mark Callaghan

6th February 2022 by Kathryn Bedford

13th February 2022 by Mervyn Bedford

20th February 2022 by Angela Guntrip

27th February 2022 by Mark Callaghan

6th March 2022 by Mervyn Bedford

13th March 2022 by Kathryn Bedford

20th March 2022 by Bradley Ralph

27th March 2022 by Mervyn Bedford

3rd April 2022 by Mervyn Bedford

10th April 2022 by Kathryn Bedford

17th April 2022 by Mervyn Bedford

24th April 2022 by Kathryn Bedford

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