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As a church, we want to be hearing from God and discerning his purposes and heart for ourselves, our community and our world. We want to be increasingly effective in praying for others and experience the power of prayer in our own lives for ongoing healing, deliverance, protection and freedom.


We want to see our community on Croftlands and in the town covered by God's protection, individuals in loving relationship with God, families flourishing and businesses prospering on ethical, fair foundations.

As well as our advertised prayer times, many individuals in the church form a prayer partnership or triplet to pray for each other and our community.


Monday                              Early Morning Prayer Meeting 

Weekly                                 8:00am at 42 Birkett Drive.

Wednesday                       Church Prayer Meeting
Monthly                              7:30pm at 9 Townbank Terrace.

Saturday                            Breakfast & Prayer on Birkrigg Common
Quarterly                            Dates and times TBC

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