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Churches Together in Ulverston

Croftlands Community Church is one of a number of churches in Ulverston who together form one church, regardless of the individual church name or denomination.  We are a united group of people who all believe in Jesus and his claim to be "The Way, The Truth and The Life". We seek to follow Jesus and to reflect his life-changing message and values into our immediate communities.

Each individual church has its own distinct flavour and is made up of different age-groups, giftings, vision and style. 


The diversity within the churches brings a richness to our town as we seek to be channels of blessing within our communities, through our individual and corporate expression of The Church in Ulverston. 

Churches together in Ulverston meet regularly to pray and work together on events to bless the community. 2018 saw the churches come together for the Moving Mountains campaign, passion play and Hope in the Park weekend.

Jesus's lantern feet.jpg

Ulverston Lantern Parade

An annual community event featuring

a spectacular lantern procession

through the streets of Ulverston.


The Passion Play

Performed by Churches together in

Ulverston on Good Friday 2018

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