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At Croftlands Community Church we are fairly informal and see ourselves very much as a family. Our church is made up of people of all ages, and we are on a journey together to explore more of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ; to represent within the community the great love, value and respect that Jesus places on each individual life.

We seek to be an authentic worshipping community who reach out to reflect the love and compassion of Jesus to those around us, and to be carriers of The Good News of The Gospel.

We recognise that people are in many different places with regard to spirituality, faith and belief in God. At CCC we do not have a hidden agenda to convert people, manipulate, control or pressure people into becoming one of us.

We do however, believe that the opportunity to be in an intimate and personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the ultimate, most exhilarating and meaningful way of life, as well as giving credible answers to life's big questions, both now and for the future. We want to respectfully model and share that way of life in order that others can have access to this "good news" that Jesus told his early followers to take to the whole world!

We don’t belong to a particular Christian denomination,  but we do hold to a core set of beliefs in God and His Word. We are a member of The Christian Alliance, and have links with The New Wine Leadership Network and Capernwray Bible School

About us...

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