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A Helping Hand

For many reasons, we can all  find ourselves in need of additional help or specialised support.

If you need to talk confidentially or would like someone to pray with you about your situation, please do get in touch via the website, phone or church office. Where appropriate, we will try to connect you with professional support if so requested. We can also contact support agencies on your behalf if you wish.

Provision Of Emergency Food By Voucher

A food voucher provides short term emergency food for 3 days whilst established support agencies arrange to meet the long term need. Further vouchers can be arranged if the situation is taking longer to resolve. Please contact Croftlands Community Church via the contact page if you need a voucher due to a crisis situation.

Ulverston Distribution Centre is at Bethany Christian Church, Lightburn Rd, Mon, Weds, Fri   11.00am - 1.00pm for warm drinks, soup, snacks and a friendly chat.

Christians Against Poverty Debt Counselling

Advice, help and counselling is offered through local centres to those who find themselves in severe personal debt. 


There are centres located in Kendal and Penrith

Visit their website or call 01274 760720

Focus On The Family

The Focus on the Family website has helpful broadcasts and articles around marriage, parenting and facing life's challenges

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